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Hospital Equipment

✔Olympus CX23 Binocular Microscope under Hospital Equipment category.
✔Viewing Head: Infinity Optical System
✔Viewing Head :30° inclined binocular tube
✔Interpapillary distance adjustment range: 48 – 75 mm
✔Eyepoint adjustment: 370.0 – 432.9 mm
✔Nosepiece :Revolving, fixed quadruple nosepiece with inward tilt
✔Eyepieces: 10X
✔Field Number (FN): 20 (anti-fungus)
✔Objectives: Infinity Plan achromat, anti-fungus, 4x, NA:0.10, WD: 27.8 mm, 10x, NA: 0.25, WD: 8.0 mm, 40x, NA: 0.65, WD: 0.6 mm, 100x Oil, NA: 1.25, WD: 0.13 mm
✔Stage :Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15 mm), coarse adjustment limit stopper, torque
✔ Condenser: Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with oil immersion
✔Body :Aluminum die-casting metal frame, Protective covering