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Hospital Equipment

✔2 Crank Imported Bed under Hospital Equipment category.
✔2 crank manual hospital bed
✔Can hold upto a maximum of 130 kgs weight
✔Comes with 4 castors of easy movement
✔A pair of side rails
✔Has an overall size of 2050*900*500
✔ABS Head boards
✔A two-crank manual hospital bed is also called two functions manual hospital bed
✔The primary function of the (two cranks) of this hospital manual bed is its back adjustment and leg adjustment
✔2 crank hospital bed can add on bed infusion pole and over bed tables and other related basic configurations
✔Patients can sit upright and do some daily activities quickly, lessening the nursing burden for both patients and nurses
✔The ICU bed can be controlled, and the movement of the bed in multiple directions
✔Besides the handheld controller, the bed is usually equipped with control functions on the side rails of both sides of the bed and footboard
✔The foot can brake the bed
✔With these functions, the nurses’ work becomes more convenient
✔The ICU ward center requires that the nursing bed be flexibly moved and fixed with stable brakes, which is convenient for rescue and transfer in the hospital
✔The central control brakes and universal medical wheels are mainly used
✔Promote leg’s blood circulation, preventing varicose veins and quickly for legs’ daily care.