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Home & Hospital Care

✔HEIGHT AND WEIGHT MACHINES under Home & Hospital Care category.
✔Body Weighing:Max weighting: 120kg/150kg/160kg
✔Division 0.5kg
✔Height measuring: Measuring Range 70-190cm
✔Division 0.5 cm
✔Tolerance ± 0.5cm
✔used to measure a person’s weight
✔The weighing scale has two major types, mechanical and digital weighing scales
✔The mechanical scale features a rotating dial that indicates the weight
✔The digital weighing scale is not difficult to operate as it features a small LCD showing the weight
✔The digital weighing scale operates on an external power source, mainly a battery, and the electronic circuit makes it a delicate instrument
✔Currently, weighing machines available in the market provide additional features such as the facility to measure height, body mass index, etc., and weight.