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Hospital Equipment

✔Hydraulic Delivery Bed under Hospital Equipment category.
✔Its a hydraulic operated bed for easy navigation during the doctors delivery procedure
✔This multi function obstetric table is designed and manufactured to meet the need of the medical enterprise
✔It is used for childbirth, gynecology surgical operation, examining and many other functions, including cesarean operation
✔It is composed of head board, back board, waist bridge, sitting board, leg board and other basic accessories
✔The base and column are covered with 304 stainless steel to ensure the high durability of the operating room
✔The table is made of phenolic board, plexiglass and other materials to facilitate X-ray fluoroscopy of patients
✔Four 75mm silent casters are used to move the operating table
✔Equipped with brakes, casters are locked or released by a pedal lever
✔Stainless steel side rails accept all kinds of available accessories, equipped with removable attachment clips, easy to use
✔Equipped with Anesthetic screen, arm rest, body support, leg Support, foot plate
✔All fittings can jam the guide rail system
✔The removable memory sponge mattress, with unique support structure design, can be naturally shaped according to the patient’s body temperature, effectively help patients disperse pressure, reduce the occurrence of bedsores, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused by long-term anesthesia
✔The built-in waist bridge manually lifts the rocker arm to raise the waist and expose the surgical field, which can easily adjust the lumbar spine, spine, kidney, gallbladder and other required operations.