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✔Laboratory Electric Centrifuge under Laboratory category.
✔Clinical centrifuge with 8x 15 ml tubes rotor are readily available at Caltech
✔Adaptors for 5ml and 7ml tubes ordered separately
✔Centrifuge has imbalance
✔Maximal speed is 3 500 RPM
✔Square shaped
✔Voltage: 120 V, 230 V
✔Controls: Digital
✔Maximum Speed: 6000 rpm
✔Temperature Control: Standard
✔Manufacturer SKU: Z206-A, Z206-A-E
✔Centrifuges are used in various laboratories to separate fluids, gases, or liquids based on density
✔In research and clinical laboratories
✔Within a solution, gravitational force will cause particles of higher density than the solvent to sink, and those less dense than the solvent to float to the top
✔Centrifugation takes advantage of even minute differences in density to separate particles within a solution.